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MWR - For All of Your Life
Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Richmond  -  8000 Jefferson Davis Highway  -  Richmond, VA 23297  -  Tel: 804.279.5235  -  Fax: 804.279.3340
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Welcome to MWR Richmond

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*MWR activity links may have moved or are listed under a department heading: i.e. Community Recreation has the Fitness Center, Leisure Travel and other community recreation activities.*


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Philosophy: Service members, Civilians and Family members are entitled to the same quality of life afforded to the society they have pledged to defend.  Keeping the military ready to fight and win takes more than hard work and training.  Service members need a balance of work and play.


Mission and Vision

Create, deliver and sustain customer driven programs and services enhancing the Readiness and Well-Being of our joint community.


Guiding Principles

  • MWR supports effectiveness, and readiness.
  • MWR supports retention and recruitment of quality personnel.
  • Provide leisure time activities, which support a quality of life commensurate with generally accepted American values.
  • MWR programs are designed to meet the needs of the community. This includes Service members, retirees, civilian employees and Families.
  • MWR program is customer driven.
  • Non-appropriated funds are returned to customers through provisions of market-driven programs and capital improvements.
  • Promotes and maintains the mental and physical well being of authorized personnel.
  • The Family and MWR workforce, our most valuable resource, will be professionally developed, skilled and trained.
  • Family and MWR supports deployment and mobilization.
  • A corporate body guides and oversees MWR programs and funding.
  • Resource allocation must be commensurate with Family and MWR mandates and program sustainment.


  1. Provide the leadership to implement the corporate vision, policy and direction for all MWR programs.
  2. Deliver innovative programs and service that support Well-Being, build customer loyalty, and exceed their expectations in quality and value.
  3. Recruit, develop, and sustain a professional and cohesive workforce.
  4. Acquire, maintain and effectively manage MWR resources.
  5. Improve internal and external support services and relationships

MWR operates its programs with the following five areas in mind:


COMMUNITY:  Plans activities, events and celebrations that bring the military and supporting communities together


GROWTH:  MWR programs available for personal growth, self enrichment and learning


PEACE OF MIND:  Professional resources that promote personal and family stability.


RENEWAL:  Programs that promote relaxation, spirit and morale.


SELF-RELIANCE:  MWR helps to teach and encourage self-reliance, from financial counseling resources to preparedness for deployment or reunion. 

Defense Logistics Agency
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Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Richmond
DLA Installation Support at Richmond
8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23297
P: 804.279.5235
F: 804.279.3340