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Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Richmond  -  8000 Jefferson Davis Highway  -  Richmond, VA 23297  -  Tel: 804.279.5235  -  Fax: 804.279.3340
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Intramural Leagues


Family and MWR’s Intramural Sports Program includes basketball as well as softball. Our Intramural basketball league and tournament runs January through March/April. Registration begins in December. Softball league and tournament runs June through August/September. Registration begins in May. Other competitive events include 5K Runs and Fun Walks, and Golf Tournaments.



Softball Intramural League

League Standings    
Team Wins       Losses
Still Ballin                                                4 2
Red Bull 3 3
Swat 1 3

2015 Softball League Champions




Champions: Red Bulls

2nd Place: Still Ballin

3rd Place: SWAT





  2015 Basketball League Champions


Champions: Strickly Business

2nd Place: Patriots

3rd Place: Hit Squad



2014  Softball League Champions


Champions: Still Ballin

2nd Place:  Rollers

3rd Place:  Red Bulls




  2014 Basketball League Champions


Champions:  DOD

2nd Place:  Patriots

3rd Place:  Hit Squad










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Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Richmond
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8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23297
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F: 804.279.3340