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Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Richmond  -  8000 Jefferson Davis Highway  -  Richmond, VA 23297  -  Tel: 804.279.5235  -  Fax: 804.279.3340
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Military Family

Child Eligibility

  • Eligible CDP/SAS patrons include active duty military personnel, DOD civilian personnel paid from either appropriated funds (APF) or Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF), reservists on active duty or during inactive duty training, and DOD contractors.
  • In all cases, first priority shall be given to children of active duty military (including reservists on active duty) and DoD civilian personnel who are either: Single Parents, Active duty dual military parents and a spouse employed on a full-time basis outside the home.
  • Second Priority shall be given to DoD Contractors.
Defense Logistics Agency
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Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Richmond
DLA Installation Support at Richmond
8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23297
P: 804.279.5235
F: 804.279.3340